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How does offer low rates?

Flightsh is unbeaten in offering low rates to its clients and reason behind its success is none other but the direct association with various International airlines. Our ten years of itinerary in this industry has helped in making our own identity that enable to manage various parties in an effective way and thereby have been able to offer low rates.

Do I need a passport? Visa?

For all you itinerary crossing the international borders essentially requires passport. It is advised to all the travellers to check the validity of passport well in advance. In case your passport validity expires then you must get a valid passport on first priority as it is essential for international travel. Visa requirement depends on the countries you are visiting. As some countries provide visa on arrival while others issue Visa beforehand. We recommend travellers to check the requirements with the Embassy of the Country you are planning to visit. We do not provide Visa Services at this time.

Can I exchange or get a refund from my tickets?

You may get refund while cancelling your tickets but depends on the policy of airline. A few airlines will have such a facility upon providing with penalty fees so please check with our travel agent. However, the discounted tickets are not subjected to refund or exchange.

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

You are allowed to cancel your tickets for free if you cancel it within 24 hours of booking. Flightsh will not charge any extra fee or penalty for cancellation of ticket within 24 hours. If at all the ticket is not cancelled by you in this time frame then the value of the ticket is lost and you will not be able to exchange or refund it. Some airlines allow you to cancel but deduct huge penalty.

How to cancel or exchange tickets?

You can contact our customer care department for more clear vision.

What are the consequences of missing flight?

You will not be refunded for the tickets of the missed flights. Tickets will be suspended and they cannot be exchanged.

What if the details on the ticket are incorrect?

As soon as you get to know that there is mistake in the details of tickets you must inform the travel agent within 24 hours of booking. As once this period is over, there could be penalties for any rectification made. Also if the ticket is void, there is no possibility of getting the ticket again. Keep in mind the name of the passenger entered in the ticket must match the names in the passports.

Are my tickets transferable?

It depends on the airline’s policy.

Can I book tickets online?

You are recommended to call our travel agent as the online quote and the discounted fares go very fast and are available on call only.

What’s an e-ticket?

Now days, e-tickets are issued instead of the traditional paper tickets. This is called as the electronic ticket.

How is my ticket shipped and can I track it?

In general, e-tickets are issued by Flightsh and an email confirmation is sent for the same with all the details in it. But in case, paper tickets are issued then tracking number would be sent to track the ticket.

When will I receive my ticket?

We ensure the paper ticket delivery to your address within 15 days of time through general shipping.

How can I view my itinerary?

You can simply ask our travel agent. He will either explain you over the phone or will give you the description on mail.

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

You can call us anytime as we work round the clock and all days in a week.

Can I get a ticket last minute?

Yes, and also sometimes with discounts.

Can I buy an open-ended ticket?

Sorry, we do not offer the service of open ended tickets .

Can I buy a one-way ticket?

Buying one way ticket or round-trip tickets is your choice. But in some countries it is important to inform and give proof about your returning date. This is the reason many countries restrict over one way tickets. You may get in touch with our travel agent to know in detail before planning your trip to your favorite destination.

Can I get a seat for an infant?

If you want to book seats for infant then you will have to pay extra pounds to get child fare. However, some airlines do not allow offering separate seats for infants. For this, you will have to check with your agent.

What kind of extra discounts can I get for infants and children?

Depending on the age cluster discounts are pre-decided by the airlines. The children up to 24 months are liable for 75 % discount of adult fare. Even those children from the age of 2 years to 11 years will be accountable for a discount of 10 % of the adult fare. But these ticket prices include charge and taxes.

Can I also get seniors, military, or youth discounts?

For the discounted tickets, sometimes additional cutback will not be provided. You can substantiate actual conditions over the phone from our travel agent. The discounts get fluctuated every now and then for the seniors, military or the youth. So ideally you should talk to our agent for clear vision.

What about the baggage allowance and fees?

Different airlines charge different baggage fees for extra luggage. You can visit the official website of airlines to acknowledge more about the baggage policy and allowance. You may even calculate the fees for your extra luggage with the help of calculator given on their sites. These components would depend on the type of airline.

Where do I get my luggage?

Depending on the custom and the laws the destination for luggage is decided. But in general cases the luggage is delivered at the final destination. Some countries prefer giving the luggage at customs clearing.

Can I request seat assignments, meals, or a wheelchair?

Yes, you can avail all these amenities. The travel agent will consider your special request and provide all of these services.

What should I do in the event of an involuntary schedule change on my reservation?

In this case you may send your contact information along with the reservation information. Our travel agent will get back to you with relevant details.

We are happy to assist you anytime and anywhere.

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